The banner of beauty

(air: A nation once again)


My banner is of deepest blue

the emblem of my pride

its folds display my nature true

lend beauty to my stride

I feel a prettiness so rare

when the hem floats wide and free

my banner is the skirt I wear

when I am truly me.


My armour is of silk and lace

and pretty dignity

surrounded by its soft embrace

though captive, I am free.

Beneath its firmness maleness fades

forgotten and undone

releasing from its hidden shades

a beauty newly won.


My home is the pretty pantyhose

which clings around my thighs

the shape it gives me clearly shows

the way my nature lies.

It clasps my legs so lovingly

and holds my slender waist

in tenderness engulfing me,

in loveliness encased.


The road I walk is hard and long

and lined with hate and scorn.

I will not deny my nature

nor the way that I was born.

My clicking heels will mark each step

on my road to happiness

my final triumph I will greet

in a flowing satin dress.


My soul is a place of gentle pride

and femininity

I long to reveal my girlish side

for all the world to see.

With head erect I'll face the scorn

and free from guilt and shame

tell of the beauty I have worn

the prettiness I claim.


I pose no threat to womankind

nor to your men and boys

I ask no other soul to find

the thrills my heart enjoys

I just demand the liberty

to cry out "I'm pretty too!"

to a world of gentle tolerance

in a skirt of deepest blue.