I love dresses

(air: Java jive)


I love dresses, I love skirts

I love to wear a corset even though it hurts.

Panties to squeeze

and panties to tease

when I go out tonight to be a girl.


I feel free in pantyhose

and gloss on my lips like a pretty rose

I'm setting free what is really me

when I go out tonight to be a girl.


Do you think that I'm queer

do I fill you with fear

or when you see what I wear

are you longing to dare

to come with me and be a nancy


wearing pretty clothes together


I don't need to wear a bra

but I love the pretty feeling when it hugs my heart

the firm embrace of the gentle lace

just makes me yearn and long to be a girl.


Panties, high heels,

silk, satin and lace!


When I'm lonely, feeling blue

I slip into my pretty pink tutu

its gentle caress shows me happiness

and for another night I'm just a girl.