I know that one day I will be caught


I know that one day I will be caught. One day someone will come upon my clothes, or my files, or the address to Anna's website, or find me wearing a dress. I know this, just as I know that one day I will die. I am not looking forward to it, but it would be senseless to just refuse to accept that it will happen. Statistically, there is virtually no chance that I can life out a normal lifespan without my secret being outed.  Should I be honest and confess before being found out? But what would it bring? To confess prematurely would be deliberately inflicting pain on the ones I love. I cannot do that. Perhaps the world will change in time for transgenderism to be less of a shame for my family.


My only ambition is to try to be mentally prepared, so that I can face my fate with dignity, and find a way of explaining what is the problem with me without hurting the people I love.