Anna's Song

(air: Annie's Song)


My friend, you have found me

as I wished you to find me

I am trembling before you

in a beautiful skirt

my lips are a-flutter

from fear and from pleasure

for I wish to be taken

but not to be hurt.


My legs are encased

in stockings so tender

they whisper of love

with each step that I take

their softness has forced me

to blissful surrender

for the joy of this moment

my pride I forsake.


My body is clothed

in the skirts of a maiden

revealing my soul

open, naked and bare

The form that you see

is the dream of my childhood

reflected so gently

in the skirt that I wear.


Neither wholly a man

nor wholly a woman

the passions of both

stir my quivering breast

my body confined by

the shape I was born in

my spirit released by

the way I am dressed.