A gender-free analogy to transgenderism: The professor and the janitor

Imagine being caught in her clothes by your girlfriend. Now, if ever, mutual understanding is what you need. She needs to understand you. More importantly, you need to understand her. And you are, at the moment, on two different planets! How to approach the issue? Talking about gender is too sensitive. But I have tried to draw analogies from a world I know, that of the university. Perhaps this can help each of you to understand how the other feels.

If I should die

When I die, Anna will disappear forever, and will never have existed. This website is a way to keep her alive.

Becoming what we love? No, loving what we might have been!

This is an answer to Anne Lawrence's claim that crossdreamers are primarily focusing their attraction to females inwards instead of outwards, i.e. trying to Wbecome what we love".

Gender equality

Politically, I believe in gender equality. Morally, however, women are clearly superior. So why is MTF transgenderism so stigmatized?


I know that one day I will be caught

I am afraid of being outed, but realistic. This is the most frightening thing of all.


The horrible sinking feeling that I am going to be outed, imminently, and inevitably. It happened to me once. Almost. This is what it was like.

Crossdresser or transsexual?

Many Tgirls ask themselves this question, and I just wonder whether it is the right question to ask. I tend to believe more in graded scale than in a binary distinction.


The Tgirl and the Catholic Church

The Catholic Church is often seen in gender circles as an antediluvian dinosuar. However, there are surprising points of contact between feminine transgenderism and the Church. Maybe there is less contradiction between us than there should be.


The pecking order of femininity

What do genetic girls think of Tgirls? What do transsexuals think of crossdressers? Why?


Dresses, elegance and power

Feminine clothing = elegance = a symbol of superiority. Take that! And be proud!

Coming out to a friend

What would / will it be like when I finally gather the courage to tell a good friend that I am transgendered? I am afraid, but exhilarated. And I have a plan...